June 02, 2009

The SEL rejects transfer agreement

Once again, the SEL rejects a proposed transfer agreement between Sweden and the NHL. The SEL teams had a phone meeting this morning, where it was agreed on that they won't take the latest offer from the NHL.

According to Värmlands Folkblad, the proposal looked like this:
  • A team will get 225,000 dollars for a player that leaves to the NHL for the first time.
  • June 15 is the deadline for drafted players or players with no contract to leave for the NHL. July 15 this year, because of the late transfer agreement negotiations.
  • July 15 is the deadline for players drafted in the same summer. August 15 this year, because of the late transfer agreement negotiations.
  • The NHL rights will last for two more years, which means the NHL teams can wait up to four years after the draft to sign a player without losing the rights.
One of the main concerns is the money that the teams get for each player. Mike Helber, C.E.O. of Linköpings HC, says the following to Aftonbladet.

- We aren’t satisfied with the compensation that we would get from the NHL. Essentially we are open to an agreement, but on our conditions that benefits Swedish hockey. We for example want that you get more compensation for older players compare to younger players, says Mike Helber.


- For example if Johan Davidsson or Tony Mårtensson leaves for the NHL, the SEL clubs should get 500,000 to 600,000 dollars, says Mike Helber.

The first one of the deadlines is another issue, which the GM of Färjestads BK, Thomas Rundqvist, talks about at the official site of Färjestad. He understands the deadline of July 15 for recently drafted players, but says the following about the other deadline.

- Everything after June 1 makes it difficult for us in the work to get a replacement player for those we lose, says Rundqvist.

So most of it comes down to the SEL teams wanting to be able to find a replacement player in time and that they can afford a somewhat equally good player as the player leaving for the NHL.

The ball is now in IIHF's court and they will, together with the different European hockey associations, bring forward a new transfer agreement proposal between Europe and the NHL.

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