May 27, 2009

Öhlund looking for a change of scenery

- Plainly, I want to to try something new. It's going to be fun to see what happens this summer and which NHL teams that are interested.

That is what Vancouver's Swedish defenseman Mattias Öhlund said to Norrländska Socialdemokraten about his future. Öhlund, who has spent all his 11 NHL seasons with the Canucks, will be testing the market on July 1. He doesn't have a favorite team to end up on though. At least not one that he is willing to admit about.

- No, not really. This is a family decision, where a lot factors will play in. But at my age, it would of course be fun to end up in a club with a decent chance at winning the Stanley Cup.

Detroit together with Tomas Holmström?
- That would of course be fun. But it's nothing we have talked about.

To explain that last question: Holmström and Öhlund are from Piteå, a town in northern Sweden, and both have played on the same teams (Piteå HC and Luleå HF) back in Sweden.

Öhlund also says in the article that he will keep on playing in the NHL for another 3-4 years and then head back home to Sweden. Either to his hometown Piteå or to Stockholm, where he has a lot of his friends.

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Kyle said...

Yikes. Ohlund's a great defenseman but this offseason isn't one where Detroit could consider adding really any kind of impact player. The Holmstrom/Ohlund reunion might have to wait.

Not too bad though. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple Swedes leave Vancouver this July, if you know what I mean.