August 06, 2008

Talk about bad luck

18-year-old forward Mattias Tedenby was picked by the New Jersey Devils in the first round of the NHL Draft this summer and is one of the most promising Swedish junior players.

To the left (credit to Hockeymagasinet for the picture), you see the helmet with cage he was playing with last season - a season where he got to test out playing in the SEL with HV71. This fall he is suppose to start his first full year in the SEL and he decided this summer to drop the cage.

Something he probably regrets now.

Tedenby is at the moment with the U20 Swedish national team at the Summer Junior Camp in Lake Placid, USA, which you maybe remember me writing about in June. In Sweden's 3-2 OT win against USA White yesterday, which was his second game with a normal visor, Tedenby went down to block a shot and ended up getting the puck straight on mouth.

Result? 4 lost teeth and 40 stitches in the mouth according to Jnytt. Ouch!

They are hoping that he will be back in action in about a week, but it hasn't been decided yet if he will stay in the USA or travel home earlier.

Some links where you can follow the camp:

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