August 05, 2008

More on Foppa

As I wrote earlier today, Peter Forsberg will play in an exhibition game with his charity hockey team, the Icebreakers, tonight. After some more investigation, I found an interview with Foppa in the newspaper Expressen, where he talks about it and the foot injury. The article also mentions that he will play another game with the Icebreakers on Wednesday.

- I will do an evaluation after these two games with the Icebreakers and see where I stand, says Foppa.

He practiced on ice with the other NHL players in Swedbank Arena in Örnsköldsvik yesterday. But Foppa will not travel to Luleå today with just one ice practice under the belt.

- Well I practiced on ice here in Örnsköldsvik on Friday and Saturday too, he says.

And how does it feel?
Pretty good actually.

Does this mean there is a chance you will be back in the NHL before Christmas?
I don't want to speculate about that. I'm in close contact with my doctor, Bertil Romanus, in Gothenburg and we only take it one step at a time.

But you sound more optimistic than a couple of weeks ago?
- I have no trouble with skating, but we don't know yet how the foot will react under hard pressure. As said, first I want to evaluate these two games and then we will see how the continued training will look like.

You will continue with special training program?
- Yes, I will continue working after those guidelines and the training program we started in May.

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