June 19, 2008

What do Swedish hockey players do in the summer?

They play inline hockey! OK, far from all of them. Golf and harness racing seem to be the most common interest.

The Inline Hockey World Championship is played during the summers though and it's always fun to see which players are on the Swedish national team. Reason is because there are usually a couple of names that I as a hockey fan recognize.

Last year, 2-time Swedish Champion Per Ledin, who I mentioned before has signed with the Colorado Avalanche, was on the squad. That team ended up going all the way and won the gold.

This year you will find for example Detroit prospect Dick Axelsson, puck wizard and fellow SEL player Linus Klasen and Fredrik Eriksson, who scored the Swedish Championship winning goal in 2006.

The tournament starts on June 21. You find the official site here and Sweden's squad can be found here (PDF-file).


Zach said...

Are you going to watch it live Matt(or Mattias) or is it televised?

I wish we still had inline hockey events like this in the States. I remember watching them on ESPN.

Mattias said...

No inline on TV and I think the tournament is in Slovakia, so sadly no. Would probably have been fun to watch now though, when there is no hockey being played.