June 16, 2008

Andreas Jämtin to the Rangers

Various Swedish sites are reporting that right winger and former Detroit prospect Andreas Jämtin has signed a two-way contract with the New York Rangers. 25-year-old Jämtin became Swedish Champion last season with SEL team HV71 and had an NHL out-clause in his contract.

He is one of those guys you either love, when he is playing for your team, or hate, when he is on the opposite team - an agitator and grinder with some scoring abilities.

It's the second player that HV71 loses to the NHL in the last couple of days. Jämtin's linemate Per Ledin, who basically is Sweden's answer to Sean Avery minus Avery's Hollywoodish side (dating celebs, interning at Vogue magazine etc), signed with Colorado Avalanche the other day.

Personally I'm a bit surprised that NHL teams are signing Swedish players with this kind of playing style, since it feels like they are pretty common in North America. I'm guessing though that Detroit's Stanley Cup win with 7 Swedes on the team didn't hurt the chances for guys like Jämtin and Ledin to get signed.

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