July 02, 2009

Sweden's roster to Ivan Hlinka Memorial

Sweden roster for the 2009 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament, which also is known as the U18 Junior World Cup, was announced today. The tournament will take place in August 11-15.

Players to keep an extra eye on are Adam Larsson, Gabriel Landeskog and Victor Öhman, who all look like possible top picks (Öhman in 2010 NHL Draft, the others in 2011).

All these three players have already tried out senior hockey and both Larsson and Öhman will next season be part of their respective organization's senior team. Landeskog, on the other hand, looks to be heading to the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL.

SEL: Swedish Elite League (top league in Sweden)
SWE-2: HockeyAllsvenskan (division under SEL)
SWE-3: Division 1 (division under SWE-2)
U18 and U20: The U18/U20 leagues in Sweden

Johan Gustafsson, Skåre (SWE-3) - 2010 NHL Draft
Stefan Steen, Leksand (U18) - 2011

Johan Alm, Skellefteå (U20) - 2010
Adam Larsson, Skellefteå (U20/SEL) - 2011
Victor Berglind, Brynäs (U20) - 2011
Karl Johansson, Brynäs (U18) - 2011
Daniel Gunnarsson, Leksand (U20) - 2010
Patrik Nemeth, AIK (U20) - 2010
Jonathan Nielsen, Linköping (U18) - 2011

Gabriel Landeskog, Djurgården (U20/SEL) - 2011
Fredric Weigel, Djurgården (U18) - 2010
Johan Larsson, Brynäs (U20) - 2010
Ludvig Rensfeldt, Brynäs (U18) - 2010
Sebastian Ottosson, Linköping (U18) - 2010
Adam Pettersson, Skellefteå (U20) - 2010
Joakim Nordström, AIK (U18) - 2010
Rickard Rakell, AIK (U18) - 2011
Victor Öhman, Malmö (U20/SWE-2) - 2010
Johan Sundström, Frölunda (U18) - 2011
Victor Rask, Leksand (U18) - 2011
Erik Thorell, Färjestad (U18) - 2010



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