July 19, 2008

The Wings re-sign RFA Jonathan Ericsson

Newspaper Aftonbladet is in my option a reliable source, when it comes to news about Swedish players signing in the NHL, which I think my earlier posts have showed. Today they are reporting that Swedish defenseman Jonathan Ericsson has re-signed with the Detroit Red Wings.

It's according to Aftonbladet a one-way contract on 3 years and worth a total $2.7 million. He will be making $550k in the first year, $900k in year two and $1.25 million in the last year.

The big defenseman was the last player drafted in the 2002 NHL Draft and is seen as another one of Detroit's late-round steals. Detroit being stacked at defense though has made for example Kyle at WTF Holland worried about Ericsson's future in the organization. I think this contract shows though that he's a big part of their future plans.

By the way, sorry for the long silence. I blame it on a combination of being busy with work and a computer crash. Only one week left of work now though until a month of vacation before another year at the university and I bought a new laptop the other day, so hopefully less time will go by before my next post.


Zach said...

Great re-signing. I think he can be a future star for the Wings and I hope he continues to make developmental progress.

Kyle said...

Seems like the link is legit. The NHLPA website has him (and Jimmy Howard) listed as signed now. Ericsson's salary is at $550,000 for this season, so it seems to match up with this story.

Nice to see you posting again. I haven't posted in a while either, mostly due to lack of news, but I'm definitely putting this up.